Ecclesiatic Glass Art

Whether building new, remodeling, or restoring, there is handcrafted glass for most budgets, so don’t let this aspect keep your congregation from owning glass art. On your first visit give us a budget to work with, and we will stay within that budget. We can be just as conservative or as lavish as you wish and the results will always be exceptional!

Liturgical Glass RepairFor small congregations please ask us about our fund raising programs. These can allow you to piece meal a project over time giving you the opportunity to have what your congregation really wants.

We can help you find the look that is just right for your environment.

Choose your style from:
Traditional – formal or informal
Contemporary – simple to complex
Representational – any subject
(If it can be drawn by line we can re-create it in glass)

One of several techniques will be used to create your special project:
Leaded glass construction
Tiffany – style
Etched glass
Carved glass
Beveled glass

Options to custom design your Liturgical setting are endless!

Visit our studio to see the many options available to you, or present your own design ideas and we will custom build to your exact specifications.



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